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suzaku/lelouch love~
Splash III 
7th-Oct-2012 11:37 am
Tinfoil XD

Title: Splash

Pairing: SuzakuLelouch

Rated: M

Summary: Suzaku’s a merman! …with a history he’d rather not disclose.  Lelouch is a runaway with no ambitions beyond his little corner bookstore—that, as much as he hates it, sells mostly tourism books and knickknacks made by the ‘natives’(a.k.a. ordered from Taiwan). So what happens when the bookstore owner finds the suspicious looking boy lying out on the beach with nothing on? How did same said boy (Suzaku) end up in Lelouch’s bathtub, with some rather odd new features(a tail)? …and then how did same apparently merman end up in Lelouch’s bed?

Warning: Sex! And lots of it! …who knew mermen had such sexual drive?

Disclaimer: Me no own this…no, I mean I own this—just not this. Oh, you know what I mean. 

III. Rubber Ducky You're The One! You Make Bath Time So Much Fun!
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